Last Minute Ideas!

I received an Email on Friday from Candra Grether on Friday, but was not able to get his posted until now. Hopefully you find these ideas useful either now or after the break!!

Two therapy ideas.

First, with Star Wars coming out over the weekend, The Stuttering Foundation posted the below article yesterday featuring Samuel L Jackson and James Earl Jones as examples of celebrities who have a history of stuttering. If you click on each person you are directed to a longer article about them. These articles contributed to thoughtful discussion with one of my fluency groups this morning.

Second, two of my MSD classrooms planned a holiday party for today with various games and activities. Last week I requested details about one of the activities and volunteered to create visual instructions for the students. Using PowerPoint and stolen images from a Google search (from various blogs, one being “Simply Kinder”), I put together two versions of visual directions (one with pictures + text and one with pictures only) so they could use milk cartons to make gingerbread houses. We have had a great morning of following directions, sequencing, and FUN! Here is the .pdf file of what I made as well as a picture of one student in action.

Thanks, Candra!!

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