I Love My Hair Literacy Unit

I wanted to go ahead and share the literacy unit based around the book I Love My Hair before break so that you have plenty of time to prepare before school starts back in January. Here are the ideas produced by our work group back in September:

Articulation activities:

  • Pulling words with the target sounds
  • Sort target words from text into beginning, middle and end
  • Use beads on a pipe cleaner (like her hair) to keep track of responses

Language activities:

  • EET using the beads for language activities
  • Sorting activities-sort barettes.combs for shape/color/size etc.
  • Copy pages to sequence (beg, middle, end)
  • Play dough hair shop for verbs
  • Have student draw favorite hair style then compare and contrast with Venn Diagram
  • Talk about descriptive words (such as curly, straight, wavy, soft, etc)
  • Synonyms/antonyms for older kids
  • Find figurative language
  • Story questions

Here is a YouTube version of the book.

This is a lesson created by a Kindergarten teacher for her class, but could be easily adapted to suit the therapy room. For this lesson she also uses the book Hairs/Pelitos.

Have you used this book before? What activities worked the best in your therapy room?



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