Part 2 Recap


· Tightrope of Language

· Love as a Medicine

· Role Models

· Learning to Let Go

The second half of the book chronicles Katherine’s journey to increase her knowledge about stuttering, with the intention of writing a book about stuttering.  Her goal is to interview experts in the field, as well as individuals who stutter

Chapter 8: Tightrope of Language

After experiencing the Speech Easy device with Dr. Tourrey Loucks, Katherine reaches one of her ‘Aha!’ moments.  When he uses the device, he becomes quite disfluent, and comments, “We all walk on a tightrope.” She makes a connection with his speech difficulty and realizes that as a person who stutters, she is not an ‘other.’  She considers herself, A person sliding across the human spectrum.

Chapter 9: Love as a Medicine

Who doesn’t enjoy a love story? I enjoyed Katherine’s account of falling for Jeremy. Katherine titled this chapter, Love as a Medicine, to describe the effect his love had on her stuttering. She revealed that his declaration that she did not need to question his love for her helped her to stop caring what others thought.   It was helping her to “escape the judgement of the rest of the world.” Love is powerful.

Chapter 10: Role Models

The stuttering conference is when Katherine realized the positive character traits she had as a result of her stuttering.  She also reflected on the confessions of many attendees, who admitted to wanting to overcompensate for their difficulty with speech by excelling in other areas of their life.

Chapter 11: Learning to Let Go

Many of the paragraphs in this chapter begin with, “I have learned…”  Katherine learned so much about stuttering, causes, treatment, theories, etc. But this chapter was a reflection on how what she learned changed what she thought about herself in light of her stuttering.

The last line of a book is typically chock full of tasty nuggets to chew over, and Out With It was no exception.  “The people whom we want to spend our time around are the ones who laugh at themselves, the ones who are uncertain, the ones who can embrace those imperfect moments when they are recklessly human.”


One thought on “Part 2 Recap

  1. Lindsay Manis says:

    Chapter 10 really stuck out to me. The positive characteristics she felt she had obtained. I think in the past much of my therapy has consisted of coping strategies and not pointing out the positives. Something to think about with future students.

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