Speech Name Tags

Today Kristin Kelly (SLP at Heuser Hearing and Language Academy) shares a quick tip to help with carryover and awareness of skills:

Here is something I am trying with my students to increase their ability to identify what they are working on, increase staff awareness and informally communicate with parents.  At the end of each session, each student picks out a sticker. They are self-adhesive “name tags.”  My door and room are currently decorated in an under the sea theme and so the stickers coordinate.  I also have plain ones on stand-by for when I run out.  They help me draft a VERY simple sentence about what they worked on.  Examples:  I worked on action words in speech.  I worked on my /s/ sound.  I worked on answering questions in speech.  The teachers and assistants can then ask them about what they did in speech.  And the answer is not “played games”.   Eventually, I will write messages that encourage carryover practice on them such as, “Ask me to say “go” with a correct “g” sound” or “Ask me “where are we going?” whenever we change locations.  My teachers love being able to ask the students about speech during down times (waiting in line, waiting for peers to finish their activity).  If the sticker makes it home, the parents have given me good feedback too.  This doesn’t take much time and is a natural ending to our sessions.


Thanks, Kristin!!



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