Puzzle Island Literacy Unit

Just in time for your November reading pleasure…

Pre Teaching

  • Talk about what an island is
  • Look up photos of islands on the google, a paper map, an atlas or the google maps.
  • Describe island with EET
  • Make an island out of paper in the middle of the floor
    • Directions for the kids to get to the island from different places in the room (target prepositions such as walk around, between etc)
    • Pragmatics – welcome to the island (eye contact, use name)
    • Make predictions – what would you need to survive on an island
    • Talk about puzzle types – multiple meaning word
    • Have examples of different types of puzzles (depending on age) such as problem solving, actual board puzzles

Turn to Treehouse Page and look at picture

  • EET or other vocabulary lessons – animal categorization; compare and contrast
  • Non –literal language: make predictions/inferences “what’s in the tree house?” “what’s through the telescope”
  • Make a treehouse with paper – have pre-cut houses and animals; have to describe the animal before you can get it to put it in your house, have to follow directions with basic concepts of where you put it on your house
  • Sequencing – life cycle of a tree, flowers
  • Listening/Follow directions – play animal sounds and identify the animal to go with the sound; hide animals around the room and follow directions to find them
  • Articulation/Phonemic Awareness – figure out the missing letters, review letter sounds, figure out what word the clue letters spell, determine rhyming words (any other articulation activities)
  • Core vocabulary – use carrier phrases such as “I see”
  • Basic concepts to describe where the animals are

Have you found the units that we worked on during the back to school meeting useful? What benefits have you seen (for you and your kiddos)?



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