More Apple Activities!!!

Ali Carroll (SLP at Jaeger, Westport Middle and Westport TAPP) has shared several apple activities that could be incorporated into the previously posted Ten Red Apples literacy unit!

She says:

I have used the story “The Little Red House with No Windows” with elementary aged students, along with ideas for language extensions.

There is also boardmaker pictures I used to assist with retell and sequencing of the story.

Another attachment is a visual for labeling the parts of an apple to facilitate vocabulary development.

Also are apple tree pictures, which are laminated and I use primarily with preschoolers, who add apples to the tree with inkpad fingerprints.  Students get a choice of red, green, or yellow inkpad and then state where will place apple (top of tree bottom, etc).  They also enjoy classroom suites activities involving apples: All About Apples, Apples Apples, and Apple Tree (the poems/songs are included on a handout/attachment that I’ve sent home in the past…it’s a bit cluttered because I sent it to you all on one page).

I also used the applesauce recipe  (included in classroom suites) with MSD classes but I can’t find the better visuals anymore!!

Thanks, Ali!

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