Getting to know you…

Although it is possible  start out the school year with a caseload full of kiddos you already know, chances are you will have at least  a few new kiddos. If you find yourself in this situation, here is a quick activity that will allow you to get to know your new kiddos, reacquaint yourself with kiddos you already know, and even introduce yourself to them!

This is a template for a speech class yearbook! It is set up to mirror the EET prompts to help kiddos tell you about themselves. If you have kiddos who are familiar with the EET system, this will allow you to review it to start off the year. If your kiddos are new to the system, this will give you a good opportunity to introduce it in a non-threatening way that allows them to share information about a topic with which they are familiar: themselves! At the top, there is space to paste a photo of the student (or have them draw a self-portrait) and another space to draw something that describes them. At the bottom, there is space to list student goals in student-friendly terms. You may even want to review these pages with your students throughout the year, at the end of the year, or as each student’s IEP comes due. (Here is a copy of the same sheet with some guiding examples)

What activities do you do to ‘get to know’ and reacquaint yourself with your kiddos?


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