SLP Summit

Today, Lauren Gillenwater (SLP at Greenwood Elem.) shares some thoughts on a PD she recently participated in:

Hello everyone!

I am feeling inspired after the SLP Summit and ready to put some of the speakers’ therapy ideas in action! I have had a chance to apply several ideas. For example, I introduced new visual support and questions to teach critical thinking skills to older students. As a result, the students seem more engaged and eager to participate. I introduced some other new visuals and asked new questions to teach inferencing, sorting relevant and irrelevant information, context clues, sequencing, and compare/contrast. I’ve used a lot of sticky notes and diagrams to add a new twist to teaching the same skills. I have seen better attitudes among preschool students since I modified the classroom structure. I look forward to implementing other ideas discussed, such as graphic organizers to teach vocabulary and learning visuals for behavior management. Overall, I have enjoyed trying out some new ideas. I think the students have found it just as refreshing!

Thanks, Lauren!


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