Dictation Programs

Good morning! In an attempt to provide you all with appropriate resources and the information to support these resources, We asked a couple of your colleagues to trial a couple of different dictation programs. Shaneh Raymer (SLP at McFarran and the Diagnostic Center) trialed Dragon Speak and Jessica Weiringa (SLP at Dawson Orman and the Diagnostic Center) trialed Google’s speech-to-text program. Below they share their experiences:

Shaneh says:

*Overall it does not seem to save much time.  The only thing that we can really use it on is the communication written report because it is more lengthy.  The other forms just require a few sentences that we can type quickly.
*When copying and pasting from Word in Dragon speak to Infinite Campus apostrophes become “?” And have to be edited. Using the dictation pad is better for this.
*In diagnostic center, sometimes we don’t have a dedicated quiet place to use the headphones
*I have found that I made errors that I did not catch (ex: “verbs in context” became “verbs AND context”)  I guess this may get better if we were to use it more. (I have what Brian called the ” cheap”  set of headphones and Jess has the more expensive ones, so maybe that would make a difference?)

*We cannot use either program to type directly into IC.  We have to use Word, Google Docs or the dictation pad (in Dragon) to dictate and then copy and paste into IC.  This is just another step that takes a little more time.


Jessica had a similar experience, saying:
I had very similar issues.  After talking with Shaneh, I did not seem to have quite as many errors using the google docs, other than with student names.  In comparing the two programs, I feel that google docs was fairly simple to use, but it was definitely not a time-saver based on the issues Shaneh mentioned.  If our reports had more of a narrative style, I do think it would save time.  With opening and closing several documents, I found it easier to just type and use copy/paste to complete our forms.  The other big issue for me was finding a quiet place to use the program.

Thanks so much, ladies!

Based on this information and what you already know about dictation programs, would you be interested in a summer PD dedicated to either or both of these programs? If so, please comment below!


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