Today Marie Fisher shares a resource she learned about during an online PD opportunity:
I thought that I would share a website that I have been using since I found out about it through an online PD. Some people may have already heard about it. The website is— I love this website because it allows me to pick a subject area/ reading level and then it generates a list of relevant and interesting articles to print. You can also generate articles based on reading skills and common core standards you wish to target. Not only do my students find the articles interesting, but I have found myself entertained by some of the current events that I read. I have used articles from this website to target a multitude of my goals for middle schools.
I use Newsela as a source to find articles that I can address a multitude of goals with. Each Newsela article is offered at different reading levels. Each article also comes with ready-made writing prompts and “quizzes” that address various reading objectives.  I have used the Newsela articles to address higher-level language objectives including:
-Main idea- having students create summary sentences about the passage to ID main idea.
-Vocabulary-highlighting target words in the articles and having students use context clues to define unfamiliar words.
-Story recall or summarizing- Having the students fill out a visual support as they read to help summarize and sequence 3-5 events.
-WH comprehension questions (the articles come with pre-made comprehension questions)
-Compare/contrast- Having the students compare various vocabulary embedded in a particular article or reading two articles and comparing the two articles.
Thanks, Marie!

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