Super Bowl!

Happy Monday morning!! I am sharing this week’s post today instead of Friday so that you will have the opportunity to use it before the big game! Marie Fisher has shared a fun activity to incorporate the Super Bowl into a lesson for kiddos with more complex communication needs.

I thought I would share an activity I did last week with my students at Atherton who primarily use AAC. I originally got the idea from our blog — Super Bowl Stadium cookies. I made some visuals and templates that coincide with a current News-2-You article about the Super Bowl. The “core words” board seemed to be the most functional with those students using the dynamic display devices. The students practiced structuring 1-2 word phrases using these core words on their own devices as we made the cookies.

Super Bowl Core Words for AAC

Super Bowl Requesting Template

Super Bowl Ingredients

Super Bowl Directions


Thanks Marie!!

Just a side note from me: It is fantastic to see people using blog posts as a spring board! Marie has taken an idea from Jessica’s previous post and expanded on it to create an activity that works for her kiddos! I am so excited that this has created a connection without us all having to be in the same place at the same time!! If you have used and expanded on an idea from a previous post–return the favor! Send your ideas this way so that everyone can benefit!! Keep it up!!




One thought on “Super Bowl!

  1. Jessica Oliver says:

    This is exciting! It’s also exciting to see that someone read my post and got something from it! I will be using this post to further expand my cookie activity next year! 🙂

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