EET for Fluency

One last EET post….for now…

Jean Whitt uses her kit for working with kiddos with fluency disorders. Here is what she has to say about it:

I am using EET and it is helping my students with fluency and language disorders with getting out their thoughts. I’m using the cards that came with the kit for my language students that have difficulty with expression. For my fluency students, we have been describing characters from movies, books, cartoons, etc. One of them even offered to describe me (which was scary but came out ok). They are also using it to write down their thoughts from a topic I give them, then to verbally present to the group using fluent speech.

Included in the kit are photo cards of items. I started out with those, having them use EET to describe them. I think someone sent an email or posted on the Blog about the Monsters, Inc. movie and there were pictures of the characters on a worksheet that also had lines and a dot for each EET category. (Can be found here) We used those as a writing activity and the fluency students were instructed to write a complete sentence for each. It was easy for them because they could refer back to the dots and begin each sentence with the carrier phrases: Green Group- “It belongs to the _____ group, Blue Do- It ______. This helped them get their thoughts down on paper before having to present it verbally. They were more at ease and experienced less dysfluent speech patterns.

Thanks, Jean!


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