Using The Expanding Expression Tool with Middle School Students

Today I have an EET activity for older kiddos from Marie Fisher. She uses these activities with middle school students, but similar activities could be used with higher grade elementary school students as well!

I love using EET for so many reasons. The EET manual itself has 50+ worksheets that you can copy and use as your therapy activity for the day (these worksheets are targeted more for younger students). However, the manual also describes ways that The EET can be utilized to target higher level language goals. I have found this to be particularly useful while working with my middle school students. The two main objectives that I utilize this kit for include:

  • comparing/contrasting stories
  • summarizing articles

Students are asked all of the time in middle school to compare/contrast ideas, stories, characters, etc. The EET provides a way for students to organize their thoughts to write cohesive paragraphs comparing/contrasting the ideas presented to them. Here  is the simple graphic organizer with the 7 colored circles on it. I have my students draw a line down the paper and fill this out for whatever two stories/ideas/characters they are observing. Next, I have them organize their thoughts into a Venn diagram. The Venn diagram provides an organized picture of how they can structure their paragraph in order to compare/contrast. I have had great success using the attached documents for this objective!

I have also attached a visual support that explains the way that I use The EET to help create a summary. Some of the teachers at Newburg have even asked me about this strategy so that they can incorporate it into their Language Arts classes!


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