Today, Marie Fisher brings us the final entry for our book club!

The epilogue to Schuyler’s Monster was short and sweet; however, I felt that it was a nice cap to the book. In the Epilogue, Robert said that the hardest thing about being Schuyler’s father has been releasing himself from his secret narrative/plans for her. I thought that this was a very honest statement to make and something that I have heard other parents of students with disabilities state. I do not have kids of my own, but I can imagine that one of the most difficult aspects of having a child with a disability is coming to accept it as a “new normal” and being able to shift how you originally “planned” for things to play out. Robert goes on to explain how he is celebrating the fact that Schuyler has moved to the most advanced level of her speech device. She is utilizing a device with 84 buttons. I work a lot with dynamic device at Atherton, so I enjoyed hearing the specific of Schuyler’s device. Finally, the epilogue ends with Robert saying that he has thought about God more than ever before. He states that he has been dreaming of God watching his daughter play and looking down on her– I thought that this was a beautiful final paragraph.

Thanks, Marie!

2 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. Candra Grether says:

    I agree that the book ended nicely. I am also not a parent yet but I imagine that most parents, regardless of their child’s ability, feel similarly to Schuyler’s dad in that eventually they must release themselves from their secret narrative from their children. We all grow and create our own paths eventually.

    I wonder if he will ever write a part two to Schuyler’s story? I wonder if one day Schuyler will write her own take on her story?

    Real-life spoiler alert: In my social media “research” I read something somewhere that Schuyler is currently using an iPad mini for her communication app and that essentially, this helps her “fit in” more with peers who use similar sized phones for texting.

    KINSEY: Thank you for introducing us to this book! It was a great choice and the book club is a great idea. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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