Going with the flow…

…also known as being flexible.
The first definition that pops up when you google ‘go with the flow’ is:

“to be relaxed and accept a situation, rather than trying to alter or control it.”

Don’t they know how much planning it takes to go with the flow? As we enter this holiday season, there will be many times that, as a school-based SLP, you will be expected to ‘go with the flow.’ That doesn’t mean skipping therapy sessions completely.  It also doesn’t mean sticking to your rigid schedule through the thick of the party/assembly/absence-ridden season. It means providing quality therapy, even if it means you have to take a different approach than you normally would. As you are planning to ‘go with the flow,’ what are some of your tips and tricks to fit in meaningful therapy, even amid the chaos of the holiday season?

Please be willing to share, even if you think it is something simple–It may be incredibly beneficial to another therapist who is struggling through this season.

Also remember…





One thought on “Going with the flow…

  1. Lindsey Ludwig says:

    The week before break begins, I usually try to see my kids in grade level groups for 45-50 minutes and I plan Christmas/winter themed activities. I usually have activities that I have downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers for some sort of large language based game that can also target articulation. Then, we may read a holiday book. Finally, we will do some sort of fun cooking activity (ex: decorate Christmas cookies) to wrap up. I’ve found over the years that just trying to do one session with each grade level works out best because of all of the other activities going on during the week.

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