Chapter 16; The Island

Chapter 16 opens with the family traveling home on the plane from their visit with the BPP specialist doctors in Chicago.  Schuyler’s father laments that they came to Chicago looking for hope, but in fact, are leaving with more lists of “what’s wrong with your child.”  He goes own to express how his “Big Money Dream” has changed from wanting the best, newest car if he ever won the lottery to taking his lotto winnings, buying an island, and moving himself, his wife, and Schuyler to a deserted South Pacific island.  It would be there that they could live out their days, not comparing Schuyler to other “monsterless” children, just coexisting peacefully, with Schuyler never knowing that she was any different.  The chapter closes with the plane descending back to Texas, and Robert’s big lotto dream disappearing from his grasp.

–Rachel Lacap, SLP @ Wheeler Elementary


One thought on “Chapter 16; The Island

  1. Sarah Coty says:

    This chapter gave me chills. I remember before having kids wondering how anyone afforded kids with school, daycare, college, etc. Then my children were born and I realized being together and having the happiest, carefree life for them is what I would want more than anything. I see why he’d want to move away. She would never have to know she was different and they could make their island their new normal.

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