Sandwich Fun!

Today Erin Ruppelt, SLP at Kennedy Montessori and Central High, has a fun food activity to share!

I bought a felt sandwich kit at TjMaxx last year (on sale!) made by the company Melissa and Doug. You can find the product here. There are also pizza making kits and taco/burrito sets that might work well too. My elementary students love this as well as my MSD high school students! I can target multiple language goals with this activity, including:

1. Sequencing (Activity linked)

2. Vocab/describing- naming all the types of food, shapes, colors

3. Categories- vegetables, meats, sauces, etc.

4. Basic concepts- temporal (ex: first put ham on, then cheese), spatial (ex: put ham on top and cheese on bottom), quantity (more/less vegetables).food


If you don’t want to buy the product, you can also use paper food. (See attached ‘sequencing’ links for paper food) You can also buy a larger set here.

Thanks, Erin!!


One thought on “Sandwich Fun!

  1. Laura Woodring says:

    I love any speech activity that I can use to target multiple goals for a group language session. Thanks for the great idea!

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