WHOOO are YOU???


Hopefully everyone is getting settled into their routine and getting comfortable with their caseload! Today I’m sharing an activity that could be beneficial in 3 ways: it will help you get to know your kiddos, give you the opportunity to review or introduce the EET method using familiar information, and provide some color in your office!

I was inspired by a recent find in the Target ‘dollar spot’:


If you can’t tell, it is an owl shaped chalkboard. I have to be honest….I haven’t really figured out a way to use it in conjunction with this activity. I am just telling you this to share that the ‘dollar spot’ is a great place to find inspiration.

Now, on to the important stuff…..

I have put together 3 different pages that you can use to teach kiddos to tell about themselves using the EET method.

This sheet is full color and can be used as a “prompting” sheet:


This sheet is also full color and could be used in conjunction with the prompting sheet to allow kiddos to write down key details about themselves:


This sheet could be used to review the EET prompts:


The circles are white, allowing the kiddos to color in the appropriate color based on the EET prompts. All of the above have space in the box at the top to either attach a photo of the student or to have the student draw a self-portrait. Either way, this would be a fun way to add come color to a blank wall or even a bulletin board!

What fun activities are you cooking up in your speech room?

**Graphics can be found here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/FreeDownload/Chevron-Owl-Clip-Art-2039615

blank paper: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/FreeDownload/Lined-Paper-with-Illustration-Box-061349100-1371400673



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