Plan a Vacation

I bet you didn’t realize that SPRING BREAK is the week after next, did you? As thrilled as we are about having a week off, our kiddos are just as excited! Now is a great time to capitalize on that excitement and plan a VACATION. Some of your kiddos may be going on a trip but many may not. That being said, it is always fun to dream!

As most of you know, planning a vacation can be a labor intensive process. There are many aspects to consider. I would start the lesson by allowing students to create their own checklist. If you have little ones, it may need to be as simple as this. If you have more advanced kiddos, you may want to include more details. This allows them to use those higher order thinking skills to produce a functional list to go by when planning their trip. Depending on your kiddos, you may have to incorporate a fair amount of prompting here, but that’s OK! From there you can practice answering “WH” questions. (Where would you want to go? What would you want to do when you get there?…) It would be a fantastic opportunity to practice those ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions too. (Why would you want to go there? How would you get there? Why would you need to fly to get to Hawaii?)

If your kiddos are enjoying the activity and you would like to take it one step further you could use these travel themed words/picture cards to create sentences. This would also be a great place to work on some targeted articulation practice using travel themed words and/or vocabulary practice. Yet another idea would be to take two different places (Either places you choose or ones your kiddos choose) to compare and contrast. They could use this information to decide which place they would like to visit.

Finally, here are a few things I found in TPT for free that might be worth checking out if you plan to use this theme with your kiddos:

Travel Conversation Starters

Travel Journal

Travel Brochure

Do you have any travel themed materials or know of any travel themed books that would be great to use with this? I think it would be great to supplement this unit with a book, but I had difficulty coming up with one.


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