What If You Had Animal Hair!?

Brooke Becker has so graciously offered to share a unit she put together! Her activities accompany the book What If You Had Animal Hair? by Sandra Markle.


Hi All,

Today I am sharing a speech and language unit I created for the book, “What If You Had Animal Hair!?.” I serve students from K-5th grade and all ages and levels love this book. Two pages are dedicated to eleven different animals with important facts and features about their “hair.” I love the illustrations which depict children looking like the animal featured on the adjoining page. Of course, the emphasis is on the different types of “hair” of each animal. This is a great non-fiction text that can be used for language, articulation, and fluency. The unit I made includes answering comprehension questions/recalling details, vocabulary (attributes/antonyms/synonyms), comparing/contrasting, speech sound practice, flash card game, and a motivational/reinforcement game. I also listed how the book and activities can be aligned to the common core. Click on the link below for a PDF file of the unit. Hope you and your students enjoy it!    

What If You Had Animal Hair!? Speech/Language Unit


2 thoughts on “What If You Had Animal Hair!?

  1. Becker, Brooke H says:

    Thanks, Kinsey![&#X1f60a]

    Brooke Becker

    Speech-Language Pathologist

    Carter Traditional Elementary School

    p. 485.8225 (M/W/F)

    Schaffner Traditional Elementary School

    p. 485.8217 (T/Th)

    e-mail: brooke.becker@jefferson.kyschools.us

    *Due to confidentiality, full student names are not used.


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