Please contribute!!

Good morning!! Today’s post is to ask you to please contribute! Through conversations with many of you, I know that at least some of you utilize and enjoy the content of the blog. So, I have a request. PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS!! So many of you are doing such GREAT things!! If you have ideas or materials that have worked for you, SHARE THEM! Let’s be honest: we are all busy! I get it! You do not have to take a huge amount of time to put these things together. If you are willing, you can simply send me a brief description of what you are doing and any accompanying materials. I can take care of the logistics of it! This blog was created for YOU to connect and share with each other. If each person shares one idea, we will all gain 125 new ideas. Have a great weekend and ‘be like schwa.’



One thought on “Please contribute!!

  1. Courtney Brock says:

    For past tense verbs we had fun today playing charades. I gave the child an action word, they acted it out while I video taped it. We then watched it back as a group and stated what each child was doing after each video. “Look, D is sweeping!” (video is over) “what did D do?” He swept the floor! It was much more fun than sitting at a table looking at pictures and doing drills!!

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