Stuttering Presentation

Today we have a guest post from Erin Ruppelt, SLP at Kennedy Montessori and Central High. She has put together a power point presentation for a kiddo who struggles with dysfluency:

I have a first grader who sees me for stuttering, he said that sometimes kids in his class make fun of him or don’t listen to him since he stutters. I created a Powerpoint presentation that he is going to give to his class. I’m going to print it out and have him decorate/color it. He will then be able to hold it up in front of his class and share. It’s a good way for his classmates to understand his stuttering and how they can help him out in class (listening to him, stick up for him, let him finish talking, etc.) This also helps him practice his strategies he has learned in speech therapy and use it as he gives the presentation. Here is an editable version of the Powerpoint that I used.
Thanks Erin!!
Has anyone else used something similar? How did it work?

2 thoughts on “Stuttering Presentation

  1. Chelsea says:

    This came at the perfect time, I was headed to pick up my fluency group. We’ve been talking about presenting to peers about their stuttering, but hadn’t yet put anything together. We read the PP together, and discussed the slides. We plan to edit them next session, to personalize them. My students don’t feel ready to share with their classmates, but are willing to present this to their family members. Hopefull that will empower them to share at school. Thanks for sharing!

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