The Lost Sock

51g8TjpXCUL__SX398_BO1,204,203,200_As promised on Tuesday, I’m back with some ideas about how to use “The Lost Sock” during therapy.

  • Positional concepts: The book is filled with positional concepts including: on, in, bottom, underneath, behind, and inside. For your kiddos who have difficulty identifying these terms using pictures, you could bring in an actual sock to manipulate.


  • Matching: If you have kiddos who work on matching you could bring on various pairs of socks and match them. It might be good to talk about why they match to bring in some descriptive terms. (The border around each page also depicts various socks. You could utilize those if you choose not to use actual socks)
  • Listening for details/following directions: Have kiddos find the sock you are describing and or manipulate a certain sock (ie put the green striped sock on the table)
  • Synonyms and antonyms: There are several opportunities to talk about synonyms and antonyms (open/shut, big/small) and word relationships (How do washer and dryer go together?)

1Do you have a go-to book that is rich with language content? What is it?


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