Share your ideas!!

Today, you have the opportunity to share your ideas! It would be awesome if you all could write a full-blown post about your great therapy ideas, but I know many of you don’t have the time to spend on that. So, today is your opportunity to share your favorite therapy idea/material/theme and a brief explanation. PLEASE, take 2 minutes and share your fabulous ideas with colleagues in the comments below! Remember, sharing is caring! 🙂 Happy Friday!!


2 thoughts on “Share your ideas!!

  1. Amanda Hill says:

    I like to use the news 2 you with my low incidence students. I use the 3 page simplified version with my lowest groups. The students seem to respond (most of the time) to it.

  2. mary hammer says:

    A quick thought that I have found to be very helpful to me is “SMILE”. The most manipulative thing I do in a group or with a child is just smile at them. When I have one of those groups and things aren’t going like I think they should I often can review and find out its been awhile since I “smiled”.

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