Core Vocabulary

Today we have a guest post from Cindy Simpson:

Are you looking for ways to connect with teachers to encourage modeling/implementation of a student’s communication system throughout the school day? If your students have communication systems that are rich in core vocabulary, this post may be just what you are looking for.  Several SLPs have asked for a “one stop JCPS shop” where AAC and core vocabulary activity ideas, website resources, and goal writing resources could be shared among JCPS SLPs.  This post is the “Black Friday” kick off for AAC and core vocabulary resource shopping (no credit card neededJ).  JCPS SLPs are encouraged to continue to add their favorite AAC and core vocabulary activities, resources, and sample goals.  Email Kinsey Chambers your favorites to share with the group.  Kinsey will add them to the ‘Core Vocabulary for AAC’ page on the blog. No reinventing the wheel here.  Let’s “work smarter…not harder” by sharing with each other. Check out the Core Vocabulary page for some great ideas!


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