Apple Pickin’ Time!

One big theme during the fall months is apple picking! This topic easily translates to fun in the therapy room! Using a book or books may help to introduce the topic. If you wanted to use a fiction text, you could use ‘Apple Picking Time‘ by Michele B. Slawson. It might also be fun to use Apples for Everyone by Jill Easbaum. Each of these books can be used with kiddos with a fairly wide range of ages and abilities.

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The first activity that comes to mind is the game Apples to Apples. If you have not played this game or used it in therapy, you are really missing out!


Another fun activity would me to make apple scented play-doh. Students could be expected to use language skills to follow directions while making the play-doh as well as when using these activity mats. If you have kiddos who need more practice with expressive language, you could incorporate the apple theme into your use of EET. You could have kiddos describe: apples, apple picking, making an apple pie, etc. BE sure to check out the pinterest page for EET templates and ideas to use in conjunction with your EET kits.

Kiddos who have difficulty with higher order reasoning tasks, may enjoy explaining why these apple jokes are funny.

If your student enjoy cooking, it might be fun to make ‘apple sandwiches’ using this Apple Sandwiches Recipe. (Based on this recipe for kiddos who may not need the picture prompts)

Finally, here are several blank templates that could be used as reinforcers for kiddos with articulation and/or language goals. Students can collect apples to put in their basket or color in the apples in their tree by either producing correct speech sound productions or by completing any number of language tasks.

What’s going on in your speech room this apple pickin’ season? Do you use any fun apple activities?

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