Happy Fall Y’all!!

Today we have a guest post!! Lindsey Ludwig has rounded up some fun, free fall activities for us!

Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season. Cooler weather, pumpkin picking, football, Halloween and Thanksgiving…what’s not to love? There are so many fun activities to do in the fall that it makes it easy to be creative when thinking of therapy ideas for my kids. I’m definitely not re-inventing the wheel, but over the years, I’ve come across some really cool free resources. Most of them are just reinforcers that you can use with groups of different ages, but since I know that you’re all so creative, you can use them however you see fit.   Last week, to introduce fall, I borrowed the book “I Know It’s Autumn” by Eileen Spinelli, from our library. It’s a great book that talks about what kinds of activities signify fall’s arrival. I used it with my kindergarten through third grade groups, as well as an introduction to a cooking activity in my MSD classroom. We had some conversations before reading the book, talking about what kinds of things we love about the fall, and what might be in the book. I had my articulation kids practice words from the pictures, and my language kids practiced answering questions, describing and talking about the pictures. Afterward, we discussed fall activities that weren’t mentioned in the book (ex: trick or treating, Thanksgiving, pumpkin patches). Then I gave each child a piece of paper and crayons and had them draw pictures illustrating their favorite thing about fall. Each child got a chance to describe their picture to the rest of the group. If you want to follow-up with a cooking activity, this blog has some adorable fall-themed recipes. We made the scarecrow, which is near the bottom of the webpage.   If you’ve never visited the DLTK website I highly encourage you to do so. It has all kinds of coloring pages, recipes, worksheets, crafts, and more, which are organized by holidays and seasons. One of my favorites is their customizable BINGO cards. To create a Fall BINGO card, just click the link to begin. You are able to select how many pictures you want on your card (3×3, 4×4 or 5×5), choose the autumn theme, choose a vocabulary/no vocabulary option. In all, there are seven steps for creating your customized BINGO cards. It has a ton of uses…I’ve used it to teach vocabulary, work on describing, have students guess which picture I’m describing, and, of course, articulation.

Also on the DLTK site are some of my favorite freebies, BINGO Dauber Art pages. They have them for all seasons, and they are a great reinforcer during group therapy sessions. I usually buy BINGO daubers at the dollar store and all of my kids, from preschool through fifth grade, love using them. Here are the links to the autumn pictures as well as the Halloween and Thanksgiving ones.  Finally, a really cool freebie from Teachers Pay Teachers is this Fall Tree activity. I used it as a reinforcer with all of my kids. There are probably tons of different ways to use this, but I simply followed the suggestion that the creator gave and bought different color stamp pads, then let my kids use their fingers to make leaves on the trees during therapy time. They absolutely LOVED getting all messy and decorating their trees. I bought stamp pads at Michael’s.

I hope you find some of these ideas fun and useful! Happy fall, y’all!!!

Lindsey Ludwig

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