My Friend Freddie

Freddie the Frog is Hungry is a simple children’s e-book that can be used to target many areas that we cover during speech therapy. The great part of e-books is that they are usually significantly cheaper than their paper counterparts. This version is only $0.99. You can download (for free) the Kindle app for PC, Android, or IPAD. Once you have read the book with your kiddos, you can use information from the story to target skills like story recall by choosing the things that Freddie ate and the things that he did not eat. They can even feed Freddie if you glue a frog picture to a manila envelope and cut out a mouth.


Once kiddos have chosen the pictures of the things Freddie ate, they can use those same picture prompts to indicate what order he ate them to practice sequencing. This activity could also be used to practice ordinal words. You could also ask simple ‘WH’ questions to incorporate story recall practice. If you are in the market for some new games or materials, Oriental Trading has some things that fit within the frog theme and might be fun for kiddos:

Jumping Frogs– could be used as a quick reinforcer for artic kiddos

MIni Frogs– for describing and following directions

Flying Frogs– could be used as a quick reinforcer as well

Share how you would expand on the frog theme in the comments below. Everyone who shares will be entered in a drawing to win the materials above (minus the oriental trading items) printed, cut out, glued and ready to go! I will also ‘loan’ you the book through Kindle.


One thought on “My Friend Freddie

  1. Lindsey Ludwig says:

    I have a BINGO dot frog activity that I could incorporate with the frog theme. I just use it as a general reinforce for all of my different kids. Take a turn, put a dot on your picture.

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