Back to School

As Melissa said last week, Welcome back!! Hopefully the beginning of your school year has gone smoothly and you are getting into the swing of your schedule!

With the transient nature of our caseloads, you may be just getting to know many of your kiddos. One fun activity that could help you get to know your new kiddos (and old) a little better would be creating ‘name glyphs’. This activity can also be used to target following directions and understanding basic concepts. This free activity from TPT could be simplified for lower level kiddos or made to be more complex for students who need more of a challenge. If you have kiddos who aren’t able to write their own names (in bubble or block letters) you could have them pre-printed for them. If you have been struggling with a way to decorate your walls or a bulletin board, these might be fun to use.

What types of ‘get to know you’ activities do you use?

Don’t forget to check out our ‘Back to School’ board on Pinterest for more fun ideas!


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