Coming Summer 2015….


Speech Language Pathologists

Professional Development

Planning professional development is very much like planning a wedding. Who should be on the guest list? Will everyone from birth to death like the meal you have picked out? What will everyone post on Facebook after regarding the vows, your dress, the cake?


Professional development is also about empowerment. How do you empower 125 people with different personalities, varying skill sets, and diverse caseloads to learn and grow?

Well-I think we have done it! We are excited to give you a preview of what to expect when you need 18 hours of flexible professional development. (Please know some of the particulars are being worked out as far as days, presenters, etc.)

  • During the Low Incidence Institute the following may be of interest to you:
    • Collaborative Teaming-How to Role Release Speech Services to the Classroom Teacher
    • AT Book Camp 101 (3 hours specific to SLPs 7/31/15). This session will focus on a variety of ACC devices. Format will be 15 minutes of device description followed by 15 minutes of “play”.

The following sessions will be offered August 3rd-6th, 2015

Finally in our continued effort to add to our tool kit as school based speech language pathologists, we will have a full day consisting of large group session and breakout sessions. Large group will consist of a keynote motivational speaker, department updates, and an optional group networking lunch. Breakout sessions will focus on building our RTI offerings for regular education teachers regarding behavior, ADHD, and Autism/Pragmatics as well as enhancing our ability to collaborate and educate teachers regarding adverse academic impact (including those complex communication students) as well as using News2You and Unique Learning.


I hope you all will be as excited as we are.




One thought on “Coming Summer 2015….

  1. I am using the Expanding Expression Tool with a lot of my students and they LOVE it (so do I)! I’m so glad to see someone is presenting on it. I highly recommend everyone attend!

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