Apps for Therapy

Today, Kim Carter has agreed to share some ideas for using apps in therapy with older students:

As a middle and high school clinician, I try to incorporate technology in most of my sessions. Technology doesn’t only provide an efficient way to plan, but also helps maintain the student’s attention. Many of my middle/high school student’s goals target vocabulary development such as identifying synonyms, antonyms, and multiple meaning words. Goals also target identifying and using context clues to explain the meaning of unfamiliar words and/or non-literal language. Here are some apps that I use during my session that correspond to the goals.

  • PROVERBidioms by Greenstone Games LTD

    • I use this game to address non-literal language goals. This app offers visual supports and examples of hundreds of English sayings.

  • Middle School Vocabulary 7th Grade by Monkey in the Middle Apps

    • This app is great! It includes 60 words collected from the common core for middle school. The app provides multiple choices answers. I use this to help students identify the context clues as well as define unfamiliar words. This company also offers Math and Science apps for 6th– 8th

  • Stack- A word association brain game by: MochiBits, Inc

    • I use this app for students who are working on word associations. Words can be related, synonyms, antonyms and/or compound words.

  • Heads Up by Warner Bros.

    • I use this game to work on identifying categories and describing attributes. Kids love this game.

I also use Smart Notebook to find PowerPoints and lesson plans. Lauren S. Enders and Jill Kuzma are both great resources for a variety of activities.

Thanks, Kim!! Do you use apps during therapy? What are some that you have found useful?



2 thoughts on “Apps for Therapy

  1. Lindsey says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions of apps (preferably free) to recommend to parents for elementary age language skills?

    • We have someone who has volunteered to research this topic for us. A post is upcoming. In the mean time, if anyone has suggestions, please comment with the name of the app and any information you would like to share!

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