Raffle Deadline Extended!!

Due to the snow days last week, we are extending the raffle deadline for the HUGE box of goldfish until Monday, 3/2/15.

Remember: To be entered, just comment about how you use OR why you do not use edibles as reinforcers during therapy.


5 thoughts on “Raffle Deadline Extended!!

  1. Amanda Hill says:

    I do not use edibles usually during therapy because the children seem to be dependent on getting rewards to participate. I do use them with my MSD students sometimes as a tangible reward or reinforce to get a response when necessary, but fade the edible rewards for something else as quickly as possible.

  2. Jane says:

    I do use edibles with my non verbal kiddos, because it is often the most motivating item to begin picture exchange. I also periodically just have snack while we work on speech. The edibles are not a reward, but just part of the group. Many kiddos come to school hungary and I think the snack helps them concentrate.

  3. Courtney Brock says:

    I use colored fruit loops or cheerios for articulation therapy to make necklaces/bracelets with each sound produced correctly. I also use them for following directions and concepts: “Eat the yellow one before the green one” “Put the blue one below the orange one” “Touch all except one blue one” “what color do you have the most/least?” The ideas are endless!

  4. Sundy Nitzken says:

    I do use edibles but not frequently anymore. When I do, I try to link them to a part of the target goal or theme of the speech lesson instead of just a reward (although it does end up a reward when they get to eat it!). Ex: Sequencing lessons in the MD classroom with recipes; compare and contrasting healthy versus not healthy snacks; gold fish crackers when working on F K G sounds; smarties and skittles for S blends in bingo activities; I made them pumpkin muffins and roasted pumpkin seeds when we were answering questions about parts of pumpkin and their uses or reading nonfiction stories or reading passages in the fall. The kids tend to look forward to these special treats, and since it is not every time, they are very excited about it! Remember to always ask about food allergies first! 🙂

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