Video Clips to Supplement Pragmatic Language

Our post today is by Lori Beasey, who has shared some ways that she uses video clips to help engage students during therapy sessions:

How many times have you walked past a classroom with a video being played and wondered how can it could be incorporated into a therapy session? Great news! Many videos can be incorporated into sessions to teach a variety of skills such as sarcasm and nonverbal cues. Below are some examples of Disney/Pixar film clips that can help address these skills.

Monsters Inc

  • Monsters Inc.: At 34 minutes there is a good example of using sarcasm. It is also an example of an insult. You could use this opportunity to talk about what an insult is, when you would or would not want to insult someone, and the emotions attached.



  • Lilo and Stitch: Lilo does not know how to get along with her peers due to her upbringing. This is a good conversation point about dealing with peers. You can use examples from the movie as illustrations and relate them to students’ interactions with one another.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Numerous opportunities to teach with Captain Jack Sparrow using is poor social skills as examples.

Movies can be a great way to engage students who may be otherwise difficult to connect with, so use them as teaching moments. Expand on those moments with real vs. make believe; humor vs. sarcasm; idioms vs. real meaning. My students love the short clips and it gives us a quick scenario on which the students can reflect and share their perception of the situation and how it plays out in real life.

There is also a new board dedicated to this topic on the JCPS SLPs Pinterest page.

Do you use video clips during therapy? If so, what are your favorites and how do you use them?


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