Edibles in Therapy

Do you use edibles as part of your therapy?  As a reward?  Where do you find the funds to purchase edibles?  That was a question on the table at our February PLC Leader Meeting.  Here is the answer: most likely out of your own pocket!  There is no “set” funding for consumables, particularly food items in our speech money or in most school based funds.  Occasionally the PTA may provide a few extra dollars but more than likely you are footing the bill for any food items in your therapy room.

In honor of all of us who have built a career using goldfish when introducing PECs…

We will be giving away a 3.6 lb box of Goldfish…

Just comment how you use or why you don’t use edibles with your students…

For each comment, your name will be entered to win this fabulously large box of Goldfish. WE WILL BE DRAWING ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 20TH, 2015!



3 thoughts on “Edibles in Therapy

  1. Kathy McKenzie says:

    As a food allergy sufferer and someone with a weird GI disorder, I am sooo careful when using food items and always check with parents before using them. I only use them as a way to teach speech sounds and not as motivators.

  2. Lindsey Ludwig says:

    I do cooking lessons nearly every week with my self-contained classes. I pay for the supplies out of pocket 😦 We typically try to stick to a theme (ex: seasons, holidays, field trips), or I’ll read them a book and do some sort of cooking enrichment activity. Most recently, we went to the circus, so we made clown cookies the following day in our cooking group. The clown had a white face (icing), a red nose (M&M) and colorful hair (cheerios). I incorporate their goals (i.e. making requests, labeling nouns/verbs, offering solutions to problems) into our lessons. I’ve used goldfish a few times, especially toward the end of the year when we start talking about summer and the beach.

  3. Chelsea says:

    I do use edibles, but infrequently. I find them very useful with early communicators. And I sometimes use them for themed lessons. After my Gingerbread Baby unit, we decorate Gingerbread cookies. During Valentines, we sort and graph candy hearts. I have some candy in my treasure chest, but the kids are only able to earn a trip there 2-3 times a year.

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