Today’s post is brought to you by the FABULOUS Cindy Simpson! This is our first official guest post. Happy Friday!!!

Teaching core vocabulary is an integral part of teaching functional AAC use. If we don’t teach core vocabulary, we limit our students to primarily nouns and descriptors, which restricts our student’s language function to primarily requesting and labeling. Teaching over 400 core vocabulary words is an overwhelming thought. With our busy schedules and so many students to see, the time for creativity is limited. So… here are some helpful resources to make an overwhelming task more manageable.

1. PrAACtical AAC’s website, such as the following links:

2. PRC’s website, such as the following links: – go to “resources” tab; then “free resources;” under “sample lesson plans” click on “Core Word Starter Set Lesson Plans.” You can also look at other resources within the “resources” tab. You can get unlimited access to all lesson plans with a paid annual subscription which costs approximately $84 per year. (check out the free lesson plans on the right side of each “stage”)

3. Pinterest’s website, such as the following links:

THANKS CINDY!! Be sure to check out our “Core Vocabulary for AAC” board on Pinterest in honor of today’s post!


One thought on “CORE VOCABULARY

  1. Courtney Brock says:

    Thanks Cindy! Those are helpful. I need some training on how to get started using low tech, picture exchange as a language catalyst. I think my brain is wired to only use AAC with low incidence kiddos or children that don’t speak at all. Suggestions from anyone would be great!

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